Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cold and Snow

Well, we survived the sub-zero temperatures we saw last week!  Some days were bitterly cold. Especially when there was wind.  And the water pipes survived, too, though they did freeze numerous times.  My hair-dryer came in handy for thawing them out again.

We are definitely back in Minnesota!  I recently overheard a few older ladies in a quilt shop discussing the weather (it was a blustery cold day), and their conversation went something like this:

Quilt Shop Worker- You were brave to come out in weather like this!
Lady Shopper- Well, this kind of weather just begs for us to go out in it, you know, to see if we can master it!
Other Lady Shopper- Yeah, we are hardy Minnesotans!

I chuckled and quietly commented to Josh, You never would have heard that in North Carolina!  There it takes just a few flurries for the stores to be cleared out of milk and bread and for schools to be closed in anticipation of a 'blizzard'!  Gotta love those cultural differences. :) 

We are back to nice winter temps this week...as I'm typing it is 23 degrees.  And last night we got around 10 inches of fluffy snow.  It is so beautiful.  The two oldest boys were playing outside this morning and using dustpans to shovel snow!  I wish I would have thought to snap a picture of them.

Snow accumulation on our back deck
The almost-completely-sided garage with a new blanket of snow
 Hope you all are staying warm!

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