Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taste of Home Cooking School

Last Thursday, a friend and I went to the Taste of Home Cooking School that was in our area.  I'm glad I went!  I'd heard about them before, but had never attended one.  It was inspiring!  We watched a lady demonstrate how to make a variety of delicious-looking recipes, giving tips and techniques as she went.  Did you know one way to crack an egg is to hit two eggs together side to side (like this: 0-0 ), and only ONE egg will crack every time!  Of course, the next day when I was making something with eggs, I had to try it.  And sure enough!  It's amazing they don't both crack!   I also learned that if you let a pork roast rest in it's juices for a little while after taking it from the oven, the roast will be more moist when you serve it.  I'm guessing this would go for all roasts.  And I observed that the way to make a layered cake flat on top is to put the top layer on upside-down!  Maybe these are all simple things most cooks know, but I enjoyed learning some new things.  I'm also inspired to try some new recipes, like one called Ground Nut Stew.  It is an unusual mixture of ingredients that is suppose to be very good: sweet potatoes, kidney beans, peanut butter, and lime juice along with the 'usual' stew ingredients.  I'll let you what we think of it!  I made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies (another recipe from the cooking school) yesterday for a lady's meeting last night, and although they were good, I was disappointed with how the cookie part became sticky.  Anyone know what causes this?  High humidity?  At the cooking school, we each received a gift bag containing coupons, recipes and free gifts (we kind of received our ticket money back!), and throughout the evening we anticipated hearing our name called out for one of the many door prizes given away.  But it never happened. :( :)  We really enjoyed going.

We're Uncle and Auntie Again!

Another adorable little niece arrived September 17th!
8 lbs. 14 oz. and 21" long
Congratulations, Zach and Deidra!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

So True

"One moment of patience may ward off great disaster.
One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life."
~Chinese Proverb
(copied from a friend's Facebook status)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School

August 25th marked the first day of what is Josh's last year of Bible school at Ambassador Baptist College!  Wow!  It's amazing to think we have been here in North Carolina for almost four years...and that our time here is quickly drawing to a close.  Leaving next summer will be bittersweet--saying goodbye to our church and the other friends we've made here, leaving our first home, knowing we won't be seeing long autumns (my favorite season) and mild winters anymore, and yet it will be nice to be back in Minnesota again, being close to our families, enjoying summers that don't get so hot, helping in our church there for a couple years and eventually doing a church plant in that area (Lord willing).  We chuckle over how now that Josh is almost done with school, we have finally figured out how to stay well on top of the workload.  Haha!  To bad we couldn't have discovered that sooner!  (Our secret?  Do school projects way before they are due!)  He is taking classes Monday through Friday this semester and doing 14 credit hours, though so far, it's much easier than his 15.5 credit hours last spring semester.  He's such an amazing guy.

Sorrow and Joy

Romans 12:15
Rejoice with them that do rejoice
and weep with them that weep.

Last Thursday we heard the terribly sad news that an eighteen year-old cousin of mine had taken his life.  It was very unexpected.  No notes were left behind and no one for sure knows 'why'.  It is so heartbreaking.  I had never known him very well, and now I wish I had made more of an effort to become acquainted.  Inevitably there is the question, "Is there something I could have said or done to keep him from doing this?"  Maybe not.  But it really made me realize the importance of reaching out to others and how I really need to improve in this area.  We may never know until eternity the difference we've made in another's life just by being yielded to God, being a good witness for Him, and serving Him by serving others.

On Sunday, we heard the wonderful happy news that another cousin of mine had given birth to a full-term beautiful healthy baby girl after a difficult pregnancy and after having lost a premature baby girl last year.  Oh joy!!  Thank you, Lord!

Retro-Vintage Decor

My sister-in-law Hannah went with a retro-vintage decorating theme for their wedding and reception.
It was so cute!!

(Side note: this is during the recessional; he swept her off her feet and carried her up the aisle!  How cute is that!)  Here you can see the arbor with greenery and flowers, and the candles lining the aisle. 

This blackboard sign and tulle graced one side of the entrance to the reception.

And this old bicycle and basin of daisies graced the other side!

For centerpiece decor, the tables had cake stands with cupcakes, candy dishes with silver spoons (and of course, M&M's and gourmet jelly beans!), votive candles, little bells and rose petals.

The vintage cake topper was the same one Grandpa and Grandma Dunham had on
their wedding cake many years ago.

Antique drawers were filled with colorful old-fashioned candy.

Photo booth (quilt and decorative drapes) with a chalk board and various things you could wear (mustaches, old glasses, big lips, 50's hats, cane, dainty umbrella) or sit on (old bicycle, antique chair).  I didn't get any of the really good pictures, but here's a few to give you an idea!

Also, in the buffet line, old wash basins were filled with ice, and one held a huge bowl of potato salad, another a big bowl of pasta salad, and two others held retro-style glass bottles of pop!
(That's 'soda' for you Southerners!)

It was such a wonderful day!

(Thanks to my sisters for taking these pictures.)