Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Slow But Steady

We have been chomping at the bit to get moved into our mobile home, but obviously we need to learn some patience first!  Our mobile home was moved out to our place a week ago and since then, it seems like one thing after another has been postponed....due to weather, work (but we are thankful Josh has a job) or things not being available.  However, the electricity has been put in and hooked up, the propane tank was brought out and we have heat now, and some of the water work has been done, so there has been progress. Hopefully this weekend Josh can get the decks built.  Also, we plan to clean our mobile home and get more stuff moved in from the garage soon.  The septic will hopefully be put in next week.  Maybe in a couple weeks we can move.  Exciting!!

Our home when it was on the sale lot  (Our camera needs new batteries, so I can't post a current picture right now.)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Picture Post

Our third son, 1 week old
The camera captured some interesting expressions!
Our boys, ages 3, 1, and 1 month
Me and my brood
Sentimental about leaving our first home
Family picture before leaving North Carolina
Ready to hit the trail--only 1400 miles to go!
The cute little old house on the property we bought in Minnesota
Unfortunately, it is beyond repair, so we are moving a mobile home onto the place.
I wish it was in better shape, so we could get to enjoy this house's old-fashioned charm.  This stairway is one of my favorite things about the house...
...and I would love to transform this kitchen with some paint...sea foam green walls, white cupboards with new hardware.  Oh, well, maybe in our mobile home!
Jeb's first fishing trip with his uncle and cousins and he caught his first fish!
A lovely view a couple weeks ago from our rented lake house
2-1/2 months!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Five Years!

We met...
He popped the question...
I took his last name!

Yesterday marked five years since our marriage!
My hubby had to work away from home part of the day, so we are postponing our main celebration (a fancy date) until a later time.  We did get to have a couple special meals together as a family when he was able to be home yesterday.   (Side note--His new job is more hours and less pay than he had understood, so we aren't real thrilled with that.  But God has a purpose in everything, and we are thankful Josh has a job.)  I am so thankful for my handsome godly husband, and I'm so glad I get to grow old with him!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are mobile-home owners again!  After a few weeks of deliberating, praying and looking into different possibilities in regards to our housing needs, we decided today to purchase a mobile home.  The property we bought has an old house on it, but we realized the house wasn't worth fixing up once we started tearing into it.  We considered building a new small house and had basically decided to do that when the Lord brought this mobile home across our path!  It is a super clean, used-but-basically-new, 1999 single-wide, and it is laid out very conveniently for where we plan to put it on our property.  It also means we won't have the daunting, cold task of building a house in the fall/winter, and we can move out to our place and get settled in much sooner!  We plan to be moved to our place by the end of the month. Yay!!!  Thank you, Lord!