Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School

August 25th marked the first day of what is Josh's last year of Bible school at Ambassador Baptist College!  Wow!  It's amazing to think we have been here in North Carolina for almost four years...and that our time here is quickly drawing to a close.  Leaving next summer will be bittersweet--saying goodbye to our church and the other friends we've made here, leaving our first home, knowing we won't be seeing long autumns (my favorite season) and mild winters anymore, and yet it will be nice to be back in Minnesota again, being close to our families, enjoying summers that don't get so hot, helping in our church there for a couple years and eventually doing a church plant in that area (Lord willing).  We chuckle over how now that Josh is almost done with school, we have finally figured out how to stay well on top of the workload.  Haha!  To bad we couldn't have discovered that sooner!  (Our secret?  Do school projects way before they are due!)  He is taking classes Monday through Friday this semester and doing 14 credit hours, though so far, it's much easier than his 15.5 credit hours last spring semester.  He's such an amazing guy.

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