Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Reads, 'To my Valentine, I think you're the cat's meow'
I hope you are having a lovely day with your loved ones!

I enjoy vintage valentines, even though their sentiments can be a bit corny. :)  I found some on  this free clip-art site to share with you here.
Says, 'Maybe I'm just "small fry" but I'm a "good egg" with a "heart of gold" Be my Valentine'
We are excited to have a fun, special evening at home tonight as a family, and after the boys go to bed, as a couple. :)  I have been decorating and am planning a rather fancy dinner.  Salmon patties, sweet potato fries, veggie salad and little cheesecakes are on the menu!

Reads, 'I yam crazy about you My Valentine!'
 I am so thankful for my sweetheart and for our dear little boys.  They have enriched my life so much.

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