Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Would you like to make an easy, realistic-looking Christmas wreath that will last a long time?  Follow along as I show you how to make one in my first ever blog tutorial!  I wanted to post this before Christmas, but obviously that did not happen.  However, since I am posting this just a couple days after Christmas Day, you may be able to find some, if not all of the supplies on clearance and make a VERY inexpensive wreath for next year. I purchased all my supplies at Walmart.  The regular prices are shown below.

For one wreath you will need:
  • Two 20-inch basic artificial wreaths (Walmart: $2.50 x 2= $5)
  • One red bow (Walmart: $.98)
  • One wreath hanger (Walmart: $2)
  • Three twist-ties (I didn't have enough of these, so I also used wire ornament hooks from Walmart, $.97 or so for a package)
Total cost for wreath: about $9

Why use two wreaths?  The wreaths at Walmart come looking like this (see below).  All the needles are pushed to the inside of the wreath...

...and when the needles are spread out, this is the result--a scraggly sorry-looking thing!  So I use two skinny wreaths to make one full wreath.

First, take one wreath and bend all the needles to the outside.  This will be your base wreath.

Then take the other wreath and arrange the needles evenly.  This will be your top wreath.

Place the top wreath on top of your base wreath.

Doesn't it look nice and full now?

Now take your twist-ties, wire ornament hooks, or other item of preference to secure the two wreaths together.

I tried to get a close-up of the wire hook wrapped around the wire frames of the wreaths, but it is hard to see here.  I tied the wreaths together in three places around the wreath.

Then take the red bow, and with the twist-ties that are already attached to the back of the bow, secure it to the top (or bottom--whichever you prefer) of the wreath.


Your wreath is done!  Now hang it on the wreath hanger on your door and enjoy some Christmas cheer!  Or tuck it away to bring out next Christmas. :) 

Variation:  For a different look, tie Christmas ball ornaments onto the wreath.  This is more time consuming, but it looks more elegant.  And instead of using a wreath hanger, I just used a nail to hang the wreath on an old door I am using for outdoor decor.

 Have fun!