Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holden Beach

We spent fall break at the coast, as has been our 'tradition' since moving here!  It was delightful and relaxing.  Josh found an ocean-front two-bedroom cottage to rent for a very reasonable price.  We enjoyed strolling the beach, collecting sea shells, wading in the ocean, stargazing, reading in the sun, listening to the waves, eating Breyer's ice cream, doing a puzzle (that is my thing; Josh doesn't get into that..and I hardly ever do them!), enjoying lots of family time...  We hope we can go back once more before we move to Minnesota next summer/fall.  The ocean is so beautiful, so powerful...we have such a marvelous Creator!

Our family

Daddy with the boys
Mommy with the boys


Playing outside

Big back deck

'Shooting' a dead fish

Pretty shells in the sand

Sea shells galore!

Cute Gooseberry Patch puzzle

Another view of the back deck


Cute plaque

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  1. How did you get such a cute family picture? It's awesome. Love the family time and the update.