Saturday, July 23, 2011


It's another sultry day here in North Carolina.  The garden is definitely showing signs of heat stress, and the lawn is getting crunchy.  Thankfully we have air conditioning; I don't know what we would do without it!  Yesterday we went out with our pastor and his family and canvassed a couple neighborhoods in Shelby with gospel tracts, but only for a little while because of the heat.  The evening saw me and the boys at Seedline, a weekly ministry of our church where we put John and Romans booklets together for missionaries in other countries.  Josh was at his Haz-Mat (hazardous materials) class, classes he is taking this whole weekend since he is an EMT-Paramedic.  Today finds me getting a bunch of cooking and cleaning done.  Right now the boys are napping.  This evening after Josh is home and we've had supper, we're thinking of going on a 'family date' to shoot guns and then get milk shakes!  (McDonald's mocha or caramel frappes are so good!)  Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow with His people!

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  1. I sure am enjoying your blog, Olivia!! Thanks for taking the time for sharing what is happening in your life. Love you!